Trait Emotional Intelligence
Why the TEIQue?
The TEIQue has clear conceptual and psychometric advantages over the glut of "EQ" and personality "tests" widely available in the market.

While these are easy to explain to psychometricians, it is not always straightforward to describe to practitioners.
Commercial test publishers simply cannot afford to provide sustained research funding for the measures they market. Consequently, instruments "developed" in commercial settings or owned by commercial companies cannot compete on research quality with instruments developed in universities or hospitals and owned by their authors.

The TEIQue is underpinned by a leading international research program currently based at the Institute of Education, University of London. Our consultancy arm is an offshoot of this program, which remains our fundamental priority.

To date, thousands of individuals have been profiled on the various forms and translations of the TEIQue. If you are interested in assessing the emotion-related aspects of personality, the TEIQue instruments provide a scientific alternative.